Pakistani Indian Long kameez Design 2011


Lawn & Cotton Designes 2011

New lawn and cotton designs of Salwar Kameez in variety of colors and styles.

Colorful Metallic Bangles Set

This bangle set is made of metal both for safety and durability reasons. Its color is red with rhinestone/crystals and antique gold.

These bangles are made of metal instead of the glass which is used in typical Pakistani and Indian bangles.

This means that unlike glass bangles this set won’t break and cause injury to your wrist and arms.

Shalwar kameez Fashion Trends 2011

New fashion Shalwar Kameez designs which with their beauty enhance your image with no compromise on the comfort.

Shalwar kameez ais the national dress in Pakistan and is also liked in India. It has lots of color and style range to incorporate up-and-coming fashion trends.Western style are being

mixed together with classic Pakistani Shalwar kameez.

Such designs allow you to wear Shalwar kameez on different occasions. The materials used for these Shalwar kameez are silk, cotton, khaddar, jeans, banarsi silk. Shalwar kameez is available in different styles which include guddi Shalwar, lain Shalwar, patiala Shalwar, trouser kameez, pajama kameez, cut sleeve shirt, short shirt, in various colors, prints and styles.

Fabulous looking Red Bangles with Tassel

This set contains four different types of bangles. This includes two bangles with tassel that have red beads on them.

This set also has fourteen bangles which are coated with glitter and have different shades of red.

Four bangles are of red and gold colors while another two are comparatively wider and one bangle is of medium side with beautiful work on them.

This set can be wear in any combination you like and can be changed according to your dress.

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